SafetyWing’s Insurance For Digital Nomads, Remote Workers, And Companies

If you are a digital nomad or you run a remote company, the need to get insurance for yourself and employees who work remotely may be urgent.

The insurance policies offered at SafetyWing give the extra push to get back to work knowing that you are covered by a certified and trusted insurance company. Simply put, there is really no need to put work on hold or stop hiring skilled labour across the globe.

SafetyWing has broken down its insurance policies and options so that all digital nomads and remote workers can benefit fully. The fear may arise from the uncertainty resulting from policy changes now that we may have more people working from home. Rest assured that SafetyWing has got you covered.

Ranging from Nomad Insurance for individuals to Remote Health Insurance for remote teams and companies, among other great insurance options, SafetyWing aims to fulfill the needs of its clients, ensuring that they get the best travel and health insurance. 

We will discuss the insurance options in detail including the SafetyWing price calculator widget that is designed to help you calculate the cost of your preferred insurance policy.

Nomad Insurance Policy by SafetyWing

The founders of SafetyWing have developed the insurance policies based on knowledge garnered from years of engaging in remote work themselves.

Well-versed in Information technology, mathematics and statistics, and even the law, SafetyWing’s utmost goal is providing travel protection and health insurance for both nomads and remote workers.

Nomad Insurance is recommended for you who has to work from different locations no matter where you find yourself in the world. 

Nomad Insurance by SafetyWing is designed to cover all unforeseen accidents and provide health insurance for nomads. It covers all medical expenses, including your medication and travel expenses at an affordable cost. 

A plus side to the nomad insurance is that COVID-19 is now covered for new customers. If you are an old customer, the help desk is available to assist you in making any necessary adjustments to get the same benefits as the new customers.

You can purchase nomad insurance from anywhere in the world as it covers travel and recognizes that you may be outside your home country. Payments are made monthly and can be terminated whenever. If a renewal is made and you wish to cancel, you have until 3 days to request a refund. After 3 days, a partial refund is given.

Payments are carried out monthly and are automated to ensure smooth running and will be updated after every 28 days until you opt-out by choosing your preferred stop date. Since the payments are automated, you do not have to worry about forgetting to renew your subscription.

Need to visit home? Nomad Insurance has got you covered. After 90 days of use in different countries or a country away from home, you get a 30-day extension for medicals when you visit your home country or a 15-day extension if it is in the United States.

Children under the age of 10 can be insured for free. There is a free pass for up to two of your kids if two adults get Safety Wing’s nomad insurance.

Average Cost of SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance

Calculating the cost of SafetyWing’s nomad insurance has been made easy using the Price Calculator Widget. The price calculator allows you to select your preferred insurance policy while showing you the cost.

Most insurance companies use age to draw up a price sheet (the lower the age, the lesser the fee), and calculating the total cost monthly or yearly is easy using the price calculator widget. Below is a brief rundown of the prices according to age:

Age rangePrice (monthly)

If you have tried other insurance companies, you would have noticed that SafetyWing’s prices are affordable considering the type of services offered. SafetyWing was able to achieve this by eliminating middlemen as much as possible and enabling direct contact with customers.

The SafetyWing website is user-friendly even with the latest technology and anyone can use the self-help service with very little hassle. Goodbye to agent fees, yes to self-service.

With individual service, you can get the insurance policy suited for you and remove unnecessary costs, keeping the rates at a stable and reasonable rate.

Benefits of SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance

For some who purchase an insurance policy, there are so many perks that come with the nomad insurance that you may not know about. While some of the benefits have been mentioned in this article, you can click here to find detailed information on why nomad insurance is good for you.

  1. Reduces Travel Stress

It is imperative to note that unforeseen circumstances can arise when traveling and handling it all on your own can be tough. With Nomad Insurance, if you experience travel delays, maybe your flight is moved up, your accommodation and money for feeding are taken care of.

If you lose your luggage, the nomad insurance covers it up to $500.

Think of the inconvenience trying to get across borders can cause. Rather than getting stranded from being denied access into a country, having nomad insurance grants you access to a ticket back to your home country either by air or by road.

Even your pets are covered. If your pet wanders off and gets lost, a ticket covering its return to you is made available by the nomad policy. In essence, think of any issues that arise from being a nomad and SafetyWing has got them covered.

  1. Covers Medicals

The nomad insurance policy covers ailments that may arise after the insurance policy was purchased.

You get a comfortable room in the hospital with an ICU extending up to the maximum limit, nursing services inclusive.

A local ambulance with fair charges made available to you if your illness requires that you be admitted to the hospital.

Up to $50 a day is offered for physical therapy but it must be requested early enough by a certified health care provider.

You get up to $1000 for emergency dental care which is not subject to a deductible.

  1. Covers Some Sporting Activities

It cannot be all work and no relaxation for nomads. There are times when you may need to engage in one sporting activity or the other, or you may be a sporting nomad. SafetyWing’s nomad policy makes provision for insurance for accidents that may occur from a sporting activity.

Amateur/non-professional sports and activities like snowboarding, snow skiing, and surfing (kite-surfing not included) are covered by the nomad insurance. Also, snow skiing and snowboarding are covered for recreational downhill and/or cross country snow skiing or snowboarding. Basically, sporting activities that are done for fun are covered.


Downsides to SafetyWing’s nomad insurance policy

While the nomad insurance policy is very promising, you should also note some areas that are not covered to help you tread carefully while you travel. It is important to note also that these absences do not limit the potential of the nomad policy as they are extreme life changes or sports that one can do without.

Remember that this is for the nomad policy and what is unavailable here, may be available with the other insurance policies. Generally, the nomad insurance policy covers all basic insurance needs and is suitable for digital nomads and remote workers.

There is no cover for sports activities that go against authorities, the advice and suggestions of the local ski school, and the rules set in an area. Nomad insurance does not cover skiing in out-of-bound territories 

Medicals do not cover ailments like cancer and there is no provision for regular check-ups at the hospital and ailments you already had before making the purchase. 

One of the reasons SafetyWing stays on top is because of its self-service and how easy it is to get your insurance problems sorted out. There is even an option to end your policy earlier if you complete your trip before the date stipulated. Note that you only get a partial refund if you do not wish to see the policy run its full course.

Remote Health Insurance For Companies By SafetyWing

SafetyWing’s remote health insurance policy is detailed health insurance for remote companies targeted at covering the health needs of employees globally. It is the best health insurance policy for nomads and remote employees wherever they work from around the globe.

This insurance policy gives room for companies to expand without worrying about how to cover the health insurance of workers. It is designed to unite your international team even though they work from different locations around the world.

An advantage of this policy is that it is built to accommodate both full-time and part-time remote workers and when an employee’s contract expires, the insurance policy can be terminated.

You might wonder how expensive this policy is but rest assured that it is highly affordable as you get to pay about $117 monthly for each employee. The price calculator widget for remote health will help you with full details on the cost of insuring your remote employees. The more employees insured, the lesser you pay.

SafetyWing’s website is designed to carry you along and stay updated on the records of employees and new policies added. Note that the option for retirement is currently being worked on and will be added to the benefits of the remote health plan.

Benefits of SafetyWing’s Remote Health Insurance

  1. As you add more employees to the database, you get good discounts on the policy and you can specify whether the employee is a full or part-time staff. Immediately after the part-time staff’s contract expires, you can end the insurance run.
  2. Unlimited access to all the services offered by Remote Health insurance is granted to you and your employees. Some of these services include dental emergencies, receiving vaccine shots, maternity, etc.
  3. You can hire as many talents as you want from any location in the world, this insurance policy has got you covered.
  4. It covers long term trips and visits and life-threatening ailments like cancer, COVID-19, and pre-existing medical conditions that other insurance policies do not cover.
  5. With all the services it offers, the pricing is fair and is paid annually. You can get a package for as low as $1745 for a full year and the more people you register under the plan, the better discounts you get. 

Downside to the Remote Health Insurance

The downside to the Remote Health Insurance policy is that the monthly option for payment is not available. You must make payments annually.

Which SafetyWing’s Insurance Policy Is Best Suited For Me?

Nomad Insurance covers individuals who are remote workers and tend to travel a lot. It covers Travel, Medicals, and some emergencies that may result from sporting activities. Although it does not cover some ailments and pre-existing medical conditions, it provides protection for the basic needs of a nomad or remote worker.

On the other hand, the Remote Health Insurance for remote companies seems like the ideal package for remote companies as it covers all aspects including ailments like cancer and COVID-19. You just have to get used to making annual payments to keep the policy running.

If you own a remote company and you feel you cannot meet up with the annual payments, remember that you can get nomad policies for your employees or specify that your employees are either full-time or part-time staff using the Remote Health Insurance policy.

Final Verdict: Comparing The Two Policies

At this point, you should be able to make a decision, following how the Nomad Insurance and the Remote Health Insurance policies have been discussed. There is no one size fits all policy as what may be good for you may not be good enough for me. 

SafetyWing has designed policies to reach every individual and is still coming up with newer and better policies. Multiple reviews have shown that the SafetyWing policies can be trusted. 

Remote companies have made the switch to SafetyWing after hearing from other remote companies and nomads that have benefited fully from SafetyWing’s insurance policies. Visit SafetyWing today to find out more about these policies and get the best suited for you and your remote team.

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