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The newly world pandemic caused by COVID-19 changed the whole world, every area in our life got affected, the things we used to do, the things we want to do, seeing with our loved ones, social life, traveling, playing, and even a simple thing like going to the grocery store, it changed every area of world industry and therefore the way we work.

A lot of us can’t get to come to terms with the fact that our lives, behaviors and the old way of life we know has changed for good and will never be the same again. The COVID-19 brought so many bad things to us, so many rapid changes to us as a human species, which in the one hand isn’t that bad, because for a lot of stuff that we were doing we need to rethink the way we are doing it and reinvent the wheel.

When it comes to work (the part of our lives were the human beings are spending most of their time) it brought some good stuff too and some new insights, it changed the way people have worked and shattered old prejudices and rules we were holding on so long, and one of them was of course about the Remote Work.

Switching to remote working

Companies in 2019 : Remote working is not for us, we rather have people working on-site.

Companies in 2020 : If we don’t go remote, we’re closing!

A lot of companies that didn’t allowed work from home had to re-adapt and switch their work to be remotely in order to survive. 

Bunch of them thought that the productivity will drop when people started working from their homes, that they will slacking, not do enough on a daily basis, that they will have problem with communication and synchronicity, but quite contrary, the productivity rate scale up by 36,3% on average.

With todays modern tools and software it is quite easy to remotely lead the team, applications such us Zoom, Skype, Slack are great for communication between teams, softwares such us Active Collab, Trello, Basecamp, etc… are used for project management and greatly facilitate the work.

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Do people like it?

“When people start realizing the amount of time, money, frustration they spent on commuting, they might never go back. Offices should be just another room in the house, not 1h away.”

According to the research 74% of people don’t want to get back to the office. Why? Because people have less stress and frustration, they have more time because they don’t have to commute to the office, when their office is in just another room. Another reason is that they have more time spending with their family and loved ones, or some hobby, or simply sleeping more. They also reported that they are more productive than working in the office, because they have enough sleep and don’t have distractions they had in the office.

Of course there is also some bad sides of it. If somebody has a little kids at home it is really hard for them to distinguish the work from the family chores, and they can be very interrupting.

A lot of them also said that it is hard to plug off from the work and stop working, so they are working way more and at late hours.

For the people that are very social, and used to be surrounded with the people, they can feel lonely.

What about companies?

Companies were very skeptical at the beginning, but if they didn’t decide to take that leap they would be all close. Off course at first it was really hard for them to get organized, but as the time passes by, they are becoming more aware every day of the benefits that remote work brought to them.

They have a way less expenses that were going on the offices, employees commute, live meetings with their clients and potential partners, etc…

A lot has changed for a better and we believe as a Remote Era that the things would be even better over time, it is just a matter of time when the majority of the companies would become fully remote or switch the parts they can for good. 

Another great advantage is that they can find/attract great talents all around the world, they aren’t limited to their area only. So there are higher chances of creating great team of talented people that will match their needs.

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Remote Era is now!

COVID-19 is really a bad thing that happened to the world, but on the other hand it really makes as to rethink our old ways of living and working and how we do things. It gave us an incentive to improve a lot of things and bring some positive changes along the way. It was a call for us as a human species to wake up and change the things that need to be changed.

When it comes to working the old models 9-5 in the cubicle aren’t working anymore. Not anymore when we have all the possibilities that the modern tech provided. A lot of people and companies saw what benefits remote working is bearing with it. So don’t you wait and lack behind, because the Remote Era is now!

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