How to find a remote job that matches your skillset

It is great that you know how beneficial working remotely can be. There is no greater feeling than being able to work from any location of your choice and still make good money. It gives you more focus and allows you to become more effective in delivering results. There is nothing stopping you from getting your digital nomad lifestyle started. 

Many people like you are looking to land work-from-home jobs too. The best part is that regardless of your age and no matter where you reside, you can find job opportunities that allow you to work remotely with the skills that you possess. 

The secret to a satisfying job in the remote era is not just about finding any kind of work-from-home job. It is more about finding your DREAM remote job – one that suits your skillset and is a perfect match for your abilities. 

How nice would it be to attract remote work that aligns with your abilities and skills? What would it look like to attract your dream job rather than just pick up any type of work that promises you location freedom? And how can you increase your chances of finding work that is right for you?

Read along as we tell you everything you need to know to help you find the right remote job for your skill-set. 

Define and improve your skills

If you are just transitioning into the remote work industry, it is normal that you will have some skill gaps. What you first need to do is identify what skills you possess. Once you are certain of the skills you can offer, you can put yourself on the path to finding that dream remote work. Even if you’ve been working from home for a while, you could still take some time out to do some self-analysis and determine whether you are really where you want to be. Reevaluate your skills and try to correlate your strengths with the kind of remote work that you do.

After identifying what your skills are and where your strengths lie, you should consider developing your skillset even more. This is paramount, especially if you’ve never taken up a role in the past related to the kind of job you want. You want to give your prospective employer the impression that you are capable of fulfilling the obligations of your remote work if hired. 

Find out more about the kind of technology and tools that you need to complement your skills if hired. Learn more about how to use them so that you appear as a person of value to a potential remote company looking to employ you. They will see that you are capable of functioning with the collaboration tools needed to deliver results.

Brushing up on your skills may need you to take additional courses on learning platforms. Websites like Skillshare and Udemy offer courses and training that can help you to improve whatever skills you possess. You can get access by just paying a membership fee that gives you access to a wide range of topics depending on your field. 

Create an outstanding resume

Touching up your resume at this point should be your next line of action. You want your potential employers to see that you have the skills they need. 

New and relevant experiences which boost your chances of getting that dream remote work which aligns with your skills should be added. Give your resume a facelift and ensure that it sports a modern look.

To illustrate, you may no longer have to state your objectives when drafting your resume because this practice is becoming obsolete. If you notice, many job-seekers tend to have similar objectives. When it comes to references, there’s no need to use “ references available upon request” because your potential employer already assumes that your references are available. A lot of phrases that used to be common are fast becoming old-fashioned. You want to be careful not to use them or risk having your employer discard your resume.

You should also note that your potential employers expect you to possess certain important characteristics to help you succeed as a remote worker. You want to know what these traits are and use them while drafting your resume. Working from home implies that:

  • You may be in a different time zone
  • You may be in a totally different location from the employer, or
  • There will be no boss to directly supervise your work

You, therefore, need to be a self-driven and disciplined person. You’ll also want to be a good communicator and an expert time manager. Do some research and find out what traits best complement your skills. Learn these traits and do not forget to include them in your resume.

Start your remote work search

Once you have you brushed up on your skills and crafted a winning resume, you want to begin your remote job search immediately. You can kick-start your quest to finding your dream work-from-home job by checking on Remoteera.

Remoteera provides you with only legitimate job listings for free. All jobs listed on the website are screened by a team of professionals to ensure that they are current and fit the right standards. This helps you to avoid the hassle of screening through scams and outdated listings. It also gives you more time to communicate with prospective employers that offer the kind of real opportunities that you want. No matter what your skills are, you’ll find one that fits you on Remoteera. 

Apply to land your preferred remote job

Here’s a pro tip for you: As you transition into the remote era from your regular job, you will have to learn the ropes. An idea is to create a side hustle that you can deliver remotely as a way of testing the waters.

Once you find a remote job that you are confident is connected to the skills that you possess, the next step is to send in an application. It is at this point that your newly crafted resume, as well as, interview preparation sessions will benefit you. There is a difference when preparing for an interview with a potential remote work employer. You need to be sure that you clearly understand the needs of your employer and what they want you to possess as a remote employee. Find out the possible questions that you will have to provide answers to and practice them. 

Simply researching the company before your interview will put you at an advantage. If your research does not make clear the information that you need, you can prepare your own questions and use them during the interview. Find out from your employer what policies they have with respect to remote work and what they expect of you in terms of communication. Try to know how your success and results as an employee will be assessed during the interview.

Land the remote work and start delivering results

With adequate preparation and a superb application, you should make it through the interview process. This should see you land the perfect job that is right for your skills and allows you to work from a location of your choice.

It is one thing to land your dream remote job, but it is even more important to keep it. The only way to do this is to deliver results as expected. While it is easy to imagine that your remote job will be a walk in the park since it aligns with your skills, there will be challenges. Working remotely will present hurdles that you must scale.

With the training that you have gone through to upgrade and brush up your skills, you should be able to get a hang of working remotely and settle in nicely. 

Increasing your productivity as a remote worker

The experiences of many remote workers show that work-from-home jobs can be flexible but not without its challenges. One of the issues you will deal with is having to convince your family and friends that working from home does not mean you have all the time to spare. 

You need to make it clear and set boundaries so that they know how important it is for you to stick to your schedule without distractions. Here are some ideas that you can adopt to help you improve your productivity as a remote worker:

  • Set up your own dedicated workspace and ensure that it is off-limits
  • Try to work during regular office time
  • Get yourself headphones to send others a signal that disturbance is not welcomed 
  • Find an office space that you can share rather than working from home
  • Stay motivated and stick to your schedule

You can succeed as a highly-skilled remote worker

Succeeding as a remote worker can become your reality. Yes, you can actually  get that dream job of yours which suits your skillset and lets you work from home. And if you want a place where you can get the best remote job listings, there are lots of them on

Remoteera is a leading platform to find top remote jobs and get your digital nomad lifestyle started. Every day, verified remote jobs are updated and rest assured you’ll find work that matches your abilities while giving you the freedom that you want.

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