How is helping high-performing brands to create a remote workforce

There is an ongoing shift in the modern-day way of life of people all around the world. Many skilled professionals are now becoming more interested in living the digital nomad lifestyle. As such, you find most of these top talents seeking remote work opportunities rather than doing the 9-5 corporate jobs. Who can blame them?

This is a new movement and we can proudly say: WELCOME TO THE REMOTE ERA!

Given the fact that the traditional work environment is evolving to align with the remote work culture, leading brands are now keeping up with the trend. They realize how much they stand to gain from working with work-from-home professionals. In the coming years, only brands that create room for part-time or full-time remote working conditions will stay relevant and competitive.

This is not to say that the traditional work environment will become extinct. Rather, with the highly skilled prospects opting to work on their terms, only remote work companies will find it easy to attract very qualified personnel. 

Why we advocate that companies start becoming remote

As the work-from-home culture continues to take deeper roots around the world, more professionals are becoming aware of the perks that come with this opportunity. We are seeing these top talents continue to make the decision to ditch the  9-5 desk jobs in favor of a work environment that guarantees independence. This is the reason that we use our platform to ensure that they find the most competitive remote jobs. is a digital marketplace that offers career opportunities that ensure that professionals can find great jobs while sipping coffee from the comfort of their homes. Yes, we are advocates of the ideology that great work can still be delivered from a beach resort or a cozy cafe by top talented people. 

This is the inspiration behind our platform and is the reason that we encourage businesses to start building remote teams. Now is the best time to start preparing for a future that will see most of the qualified people working from their comfort zones. Many research studies help to buttress the advantages that come from setting up remote teams. Consider some of the reasons that we are advocating for companies to become remote:

Remote teams yield higher productivity

Working with remote employees allows businesses to do more in relatively lesser time. You can kick-off new projects and dedicate most of your time to doing what works. This helps to increase productivity and the bottom line in the long run. It is not rocket science why remote workers tend to have higher productivity. The reasons are numerous but here are some of them:

  • The stress of commuting to work is eliminated
  • Remote workers have better control of their schedule and can complete jobs on time
  • Since they mostly work alone, there is less distraction from co-workers
  • They have a more flexible schedule and a high level of self-motivation
  • They have access to as many breaks as they need to be at their best

In a University of Illinois study, findings showed that people who work remotely have a tendency to do even more than is expected of them and provide extra to their employees.

The remote workforce offers so much talent

Focusing your talent search only around your local area means you will experience limitations in finding the very best hands. This is because there is a low possibility that all the people with the right skills could ever be packed in a single area. Even if you could convince some of your local area talents to join your team, this strategy will not work for even more qualified personnel in other areas.

By deciding to go remote, you open up a global doorway that lets you tap into a larger talent market across different continents. Most of the leading brands today receive applications from top talents in different locations around the world. If you align with the remote work culture, you make your business more attractive to better talent. This is important because many millennials tend to be interested in companies that offer remote work as a condition. Your top talent retention rate also improves by at least 10% If you offer remote work opportunities.

Businesses reduce costs with a remote workforce

By deciding to go remote, you rise above the need to have a rented office space to remain in business. This is not to say that having your entire personnel in one physical location is a bad idea. Rather, it could see your business costs rise due to monitoring and management expenditures. With remote teams, you can save the costs of running a physical office space. One example is Aetna that saves over $75 million annually by shedding up to 2.7 million sq. ft. of the physical workspace. 

With remote work, businesses have a healthier workforce

It is evidenced by research that in-office work can negatively impact the physical and mental health of workers. The best way to mitigate these effects is by setting up remote work teams. On average, workers in the United Kingdom spend up to 58 minutes on commute which can trigger negative moods and hypertension. With remote work, they no longer have to be on the road and can avoid these negative effects. This also helps to avoid overall stress at work.

How is helping high-performing businesses to set up remote teams

At Remoteera, we believe in a healthy and happy workforce and are convinced that remote work can create positive impacts for every business. That is why we set up our innovative platform to ensure that leading brands can connect with the top talents that they seek from anywhere in the world.

We are a global marketplace that serves as the middleman between businesses and independent experts who want to collaborate remotely. We are a reputable digital database that allows companies to post remote jobs on our platform. We also ensure that all work-from-home leads are authentic because we want to become the driving force for the future of work.

With many years of experience helping startups and established brands to create remote workspaces, we know the level of planning and thought that goes into the process. Although it can be challenging, the benefits for businesses are numerous. Here is how we assist businesses like yours to find top talents from all over the world:

  • Remote jobs board

As a board generator for remote jobs, we are committed to promoting opportunities that allow top talents to work from home or wherever they choose. That way, we also promote the companies that offer these opportunities by allowing them to create remote job listings on our platform. We are interested in companies that offer full-time remote jobs while ruling out factors like location and time zone constraints. This is because we are sure that remote work is the future.

  • Our resource section

Are you looking to recruit the very best hands? We have a resource section to help you achieve your goals with ease. Our platform is structured in a way that allows freelancers to find the right kind of remote jobs. But to ensure that employers are connecting with the right kinds of freelancers that they want, we use our resources section to assist them. 

We provide information and tools to help businesses understand the crucial topics and issues involved in hiring remote workers. We also offer tips and guides that can aid brands to create a process that links them to only the right people. Through the learning that we provide on Remoteera, both freelancers and remote companies can access the needed assistance to create and thrive in distance teams and structures. 

Align with the future by creating your remote team through

On Remoteera, we offer a wide range of positions that are totally remote. You will find filters to help you navigate based on categories and types. Companies from different sectors use our platform to find only qualified top talents. No matter what your industry is, you can start preparing for the future by creating your remote workforce today. We support business in fields like:

  • Tech
  • Research
  • IT
  • Digital marketing
  • Web development
  • Sales
  • Multimedia
  • Finance
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Legal, and more.

As a leading platform that offers job listings from reputable remote companies, we help to save time and resources for brands like yours. Now you no longer have to incur too many costs just to find the right candidates. All you have to do is create job listings for the kind of talents you want on Your adverts will be displayed to highly qualified professionals who meet your requirements and they will get in touch with you. 

We are advocates of the ideology that great work can still be delivered from anywhere. By deciding to go remote, you open up a global doorway that lets you tap into a larger talent market across different continents. 


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