How companies can attract the right remote workers

The labor market is so competitive that hiring top-quality candidates is no longer as easy as before. Workers now demand so much from career opportunities which means that brands have to do more to convince the talent that they want to work for them. As talent scarcity continues to increase, employers face a more challenging recruitment terrain.

But there is a way to get around this problem. All companies have to do is search for talent outside their local area. Although it might seem unconventional to hire an employee would have almost no commute, this is the present reality. Many candidates now look for options that allow them to work remotely and will only relocate if the opportunity feels right. 

There is so much pressure on businesses now more than ever to hire the right employees. Having the right personnel on your team is paramount and non-negotiable. The quality of staff determines to a large extent how efficiently tasks will be completed. It also impacts the rate at which business goals can be achieved.

What companies can do to hire awesome remote workers

Only creative and truly futuristic brands understand that remote work is the future. But how do they bypass the hurdle of finding only qualified candidates? In contrast with the traditional work environment, having remote teams rules out the possibility of solving problems face-to-face. It also may seem challenging to implement new ideas and create top-notch customer service. This is not to say that remote businesses are ill-equipped to handle problems that arise or collaborate as teams. It only implies that a refined strategy is essential to hire high-quality employees that can meet the demands of your business.

Brands that fail to take up the challenge and focus only on searching for talent in their home location eventually miss out on top-notch candidates. By refusing to search for and hire top talents interested in a structure that provides more flexibility, you might be hurting your business.

Now that it is clear that creating remote work teams is beneficial to businesses, what steps should brands take to attract the right candidates for remote work openings? Read along to find out top strategies to help you land awesome candidates and build a superpower remote team today:

Show that you advocate a remote culture

Are you looking to build a public image for yourself as a brand that offers flexible work environments and remote opportunities? Do you want the best candidates to see that you have a culture that is designed to accommodate remote employees?

The best way to do this is to show it! Candidates want to see these throughout their journey with your brand. They want to be sure you agree that flexibility counts in the modern-day workspace. By showing workers that you will give them the opportunity to work from the place that they want to be rather than telling them where to go, it immediately reshapes how they see your company. They automatically see your brand as a platform for more productivity. So, you must find ways to communicate your advocacy of the remote work culture.

Show that you are authentic

It is one thing to project an image of a brand that favors the remote work culture. But it is another thing to actually be that brand in reality. This is what potential talents want to see. They want to be sure that the values and cultures you claimed to have while recruiting are exactly the same reality that they will find once they get on your team. This is important because work from home personnel like to feel supported and included. It is up to you to link these dots so that what you communicate aligns with how you operate.

Look in the right place

Although you can look almost anywhere to locate possible candidates, it is important to find remote specific websites. This increases your chances of hiring people who have a real desire to perform at their best remotely. This is why we created to give you a platform to post Job ads that will be seen by qualified prospects from all over the world.

On Remoteera, we give brands and businesses like yours a verified platform on which to post legit job listings. All it costs is just a token when compared to the immense value that you get from using our platform. This is to ensure that we remain a leading portal that connects top qualified talents to leading remote brands from all over the world. Companies that use our platform also have more time to reach out to potential employees and offer them real opportunities. Regardless of the kind of skills you need for your remote team, Remoteera will help you to find it.

Define the role – provide a detailed job description

Before creating a job post on our platform, we advise that you first define the qualities and requirements you expect from a qualified candidate. This means you need to specify and break down the needs of your company and the kind of skillset that is required to achieve your organizational objectives.

The process of hiring remote workers is not the same as local area recruitment. The procedures involved are even more thorough since it is up to you to decide whether a candidate fits your requirements without meeting with them. So, you have to lay out the needs of your business and juxtapose this with the skills of potential candidates. This will help you to decide whether they have the capabilities to fulfill the demands of the role. Some of these skills you want to be sure that qualified work-from-home personnel possesses are:

  • Tech savviness
  • A-rated communication skills
  • Discipline and accountability
  • Being responsible
  • Great time management skills and a positive attitude

Depending on your business, the skills that are required may be different. But the above-mentioned skill sets are important to remote businesses since they have a different work environment. Candidates who lack these basic skills will find it hard to succeed as remote workers.

Be open and transparent with potential candidates

It has always been the tradition for candidates to tell companies what to expect if and when they get hired. With remote work, businesses must start to reciprocate. Through the job posts that you create, as well as all through your recruitment process, your candidates need to know what to expect from your company. Job requirements that are vague will only see you hire the wrong personnel.

Your job listings should be clear and detailed. Use a straight-to-the-point approach by stating specifics like:

  • The kind of skills your company needs
  • The duties expected of the ideal candidate(s)
  • The perks
  • The number of hours required of remote workers
  • What to expect

Providing as much information as you can concerning the job will help to weed out unqualified candidates that feel your company is a great fit. You will also end up drawing the kind of candidates that you need when you spell out exactly what you need. When you are open and transparent with potential candidates, you’ll see the beauty that comes from narrowing your search right from the start.

Let the interview process be refined

As soon as you identify the kind of candidates that you want, your interview process kicks off. It is this mechanism that gets you to know more about your prospective employees beyond their cover letters. You’ll be able to see whether they have the right philosophy and ideology that aligns with those of your company.

That is why it is important for every remote brand to create a stellar interview process that helps to bring prospects down to only the best ones. If your hiring process is meticulous, you will find that you may only have to make a decision between 2-3 perfect talents. A process that is well-designed will help you make the final tough decisions necessary in selecting the best candidate. During your interview process, you want to be asking questions that relate to the goals of your company and the path on which it treads. This will help you see how best your prospects align with your brand. You will also find it easier to pick a candidate that is just the best choice in the long run.

Let us help you find the best remote workers for your business

The quality of your team determines to a large extent how efficiently you’ll operate. Although bringing new employees into your workforce can be challenging, it is an exciting experience for remote companies. At Remoteera, we are committed to helping you find only positive assets to add to your remote team. We believe that work-from-home teams can deliver the best results while having fun. So, get on board and start building your team right away by creating job posts that will be seen by only top, verified talents from all over the world.

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